Congrats to Amanda Easton for being GTX Client of the Month for March! Amanda's progress in the gym over the past year has been incredible. She puts in hard work and effort everyday, all with a kleenex tucked in her pant leg. Great work Amanda!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Do you remember your first workout at GTX?
I have been doing CrossFit for 1 year.  My first official CrossFit workout at GTX was 16.1 from last year's open.  I didn't do any CrossFit workouts or classes until after the 2016 Open.  
If you could design your perfect "Amanda Easton" workout, what would it be?
Anything with body weight movements and hang cleans.  Something like this would make me so happy:
10 rounds for time:
5 pull ups
10 sit ups
15 air squats
15 hang cleans @ 65
What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
Oh man!  There have been many over the last year...  Getting a bar muscle up, hitting a squat clean over body weight, and breaking 200# back squat.  And, the most important one...learning to try even if it scares me or hurts!!
Tell us about your life outside of the box!
Outside of GTX and CrossFitting, I am a professor at the U of A in a masters and doctoral counseling program.  I also have a small private practice where I see clients for a range of mental health needs.  I love to bake (pies and carrot cake in particular). I am an avid documentary watcher and housewives fan!  I am married to a non-CrossFitter who promises to give CrossFit a try and I have two dogs; one is an angel and the other is the devil :) Oh and I love all things that sparkle or are rainbow colored!
What song pumps you up the most?
Dangerous by Big Data ft. Joywave and Sucker for Pain by Imagine Dragons, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla Sign
Really, anything with a fast beat and cursing ;-)
Goals for this year? 
Getting better with bar muscle ups, getting ring muscle ups without Trevor's help, and continuing to build my strength and conditioning. If I could have a goal of improving everything related to CrossFit and Oly, that would be my overarching goal...isn't it everyone's? 
What advice would you give to someone wanting to try CrossFit for the first time?
Just try.  CrossFit isn't about how you look, but rather what you CAN do. It's all about learning to be a better, stronger, and more capable you. The community of people who do CrossFit are simply incredible. 
Favorite Quote: 
I have two.  The first is just my own quote "never be satiated".  The second is from Friedrich Nietzche; "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". 
Anything else you'd like to write: 
GTX has been like a second home to me.  I love the people, the atmosphere, and the coaches.  I will forever #LMGTX​