Published October 9, 2017

4x10 seated box jumps @(pick a challenging height)
work to heavy set of (no more than 20min)
5 deadlift+3 hang cleans+1 shoulder to overhead (unbroken)
then test the workout of month
30sec max cal

10min to find max 10rep weighted push ups
then WOD 2 Green Valley for time (switch with partner as needed)
50 wallballs @20/14
40 pullups
30 box jump overs@24/20
20 toes to bar
1000m run
20 toes to bar
30 box jump overs
40 pullups
50 wallballs

Load a barbell with half body weight and carry 4 laps around building
then run 4 laps around building
core work with remaining time

20 min max back squat
then WOD 3 Green Valley (partner completes full round) 8min amrap
12 burpees over the bar
10 front rack lunges @135/85

20min to find a max bench press
5x10R-10L bench rows work up in weight
2k row for time

max reps of each in 90-60-30 sec (rest as needed between sets)
Scaled ring muscle up density training (pull overs)
Strict hspu density

4 rounds
200m overhead plate carry
10/8 bar dips
20 du/40 su
5 L-sit chin ups
90sec rest

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