Published May 22, 2017

5 rounds of (start light and go up each round)
10 kb cleans
10 frontsquat
90sec rest (score=heaviest set completed)
3 rounds
20 double kb thruster @35/26
500m row (fast)
3min rest
core work with remaining time

4 rounds of
25 a.swings (pick weight for unbroken)
25 sdhp (unbroken, doesn't have to be same as swings)
2min rest
10 turf laps farmers carries @70/44
(igo-ugo or 1min rest between)

3k every 2min 5 toes to bar
5min rest
2k every 2min 10 wallballs 20/14


4 rounds of
25 open palm kb press (pick a weight for unbroken)
10 chin ups
90sec rest
4 rounds (fast)
400m run
1min rest

6 rounds of ( build to heavy sets on both)
12 kb bench press
12 kb bench rows
4 rounds (challenging but doable)
hs hold
deadhang hold
2min rest

Saturday -
1200m run buy in
4 rounds of
1 mu + 3 dips
5 hspu
50 cal assault bike cash out

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